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Research Travel Insurance Coverages

Below you will find all the coverage types and what they mean. You can click on any of the underlined items to see an in-depth view of all the plans we offer and to what extent those plans cover the coverage type.

Coverage Type Definition of Coverage
Trip Interruption Very similar coverage to trip cancellation. It is a type of coverage that generally provides for reimbursement of non-refundable fees that you've paid if you are interrupted on your trip (post departure) due to a covered reason(the same that are used for trip cancellation coverage) and which are unused at the point of interruption, plus reimbursement for airfare to return home. Companies are specific with their covered reasons and we urge you to read them carefully along with the coverage exclusions.
Trip Cancellation A type of coverage that generally provides for reimbursement of non-refundable fees that you've paid if you can not go on the trip due to a covered reason. Companies are specific with their covered reasons and we urge you to read them carefully along with the coverage exclusions.
Travel Supplier Restrictions Some companies have restrictions and/or limitiations on coverage for trips involving certain travel suppliers. Most companies list the companies that they will not cover for certain benefits while one company lists the companies that they will cover. Generally these restrictions apply only to the Financial Default coverage for Trip Cancellation/interruption or the coverage for strikes.
Travel Delay A benefit that usually covers additional living expenses incurred if your trip is delayed for specific reason. Coverage is generally limited to a maximum daily amount and an overall limit.
Terrorism Is defined by each company. It usually means an act of violence that results in loss of life or major damage to property, by a person or persons that are acting on behalf of an organization which has the intent to overthrow or influence the control of a government. Usually the event must be recognized by the US Department of State as being a terrorist incident.
Rental Car/Collision Limit A benefit that offers protection for the amount of physical damage on your rental car for which the rental car company holds you personally responsible.
Pre-Existing Waiver Travel insurance policies generally exclude any medical condition for which you are being treated, or should be treated, at the time that you purchase your policy. Many of the companies will waive this exclusion if you buy the insurance within the required time period and you meet the other requirements if any.
Pre-Existing Condition Period Travel policies generally exclude from coverage any medical condition for which you are currently being treated or for which you should be treated. Each company will look at a specific period of time prior to your coverage effective date in order to determine if a condition is pre-existing. If treatment is given, or should have been sought during this period than coverage will be excluded. There are usually two exceptions to this exclusion: 1. the pre-existing condition waiver (please see waiver heading for explanation); and 2. the taking of a prescribed medication for a conditions that is controlled throughout the pre-existing condition period. Most plans will not exclude taking a prescribed medication for a controlled condition as long as the condition and the medication have both remained unchanged during the entire period.
Policy Definitions All policies use defined terms and have a specific section that contains them. A defined term is usually identified in a policy by either being placed within quotes, being italicized, having the first letter of each word capitalized.
Plan Sent by This is how you will receive the plan confirmation from the company. There are basically three different methods:
  • Email - everything is sent to the email you specify when you complete the online enrollment form;
  • Postal Mail - everything is sent to the address you specify in the online enrollment form through the post office, generally you can expect to receive it within 5-7 business days from the date of purchase; or
  • Email and Postal Mail - you can expect to get an email from the company as well as the plan details via regular postal mail.
No matter what plan you choose to purchase on our site you will receive a confirmation email from us, this will have the plan's general information as well as contact numbers to call.
Money Back Guarantee Defines the policy's refundability should you want to cancel the policy and ask for a premium refund. Generally its a period of time immediately after the purchase of the plan that is given for you to review it and decide that you do not want it.
Missed Connection Coverage for if you miss a connection on your arrival to your destination due to named reasons. Coverage is usually based on a certain delay time being met.
Medical Limit Maximum amount that the plan will pay for covered medical expenses. Generally this benefit will cover accidental bodily injury and sicknesses occurring during the term of the policy and in some cases for a period of time afterward.
Medical Evacuation Limit Maximum amount that the plan will pay for covered Emergency Evacuations.
Flight Accidental Death Limit A limited form of accidental death and dismemberment coverage (AD&D) that provides benefits for Accidental Death and Dismemberment caused by an accident that occurs while riding as a passenger on a commercial aircraft.
Extra Time Sensitive Benefits Many insurance plans offer enhanced benefits such as Waiver of the Pre-existing Condition Exclusion and Default/Bankruptcy Coverage if you purchase your coverage within a specific number of days from your __BL__Initial Trip Payment__EL__. At least one company uses yourFinal Trip Payment to determine your eligibility for these benefits. These time-sensitive benefits are only available if you purchase your plan within the required time period and meet any other requirements that might apply.
Exclusions Items or circumstances that are not covered by the policy.
Dental Limit The maximum amount of coverage that the plan will pay for dental expenses. Most policies will pay greater benefits for accidental injury to sound, natural teeth and much more limit coverage for sudden pain that results from other causes. Policies differ greatly, we urge you to read them carefully.
Default Coverage One of the reasons that may be covered under Trip Cancellation or Interruption coverage. Usually this coverage provides protection if the trip is cancelled or interrupted due to the airline, cruise line, or tour operator going bankrupt and unable to provide the trip. Generally this coverage is only available if you buy the coverage within a short period of time from your initial trip payment. Also some companies will exclude from this coverage any arrangements that you have made directly with the travel provider and will only provide benefits if the travel arrangements are made through a travel agent.
Deductible The amount of covered expenses, that is your responsibility to pay, that occurs before before the insurance company will pay.
Credit Cards Accepted Credit cards that are accepted by the insurance company.
Cancel for Any (Other) Reason Cancel for any reason applies to the trip cancellation coverage. Trip cancellation coverage usually provides coverage if you cancel your trip due to a "Covered Reason". "Cancel for any reason" will provide you with coverage if you cancel for a reason other than those that are covered and will provide you a portion, usually 75% or 90% (depends on the plan) of your non-refundable trip costs. In order to be eligible for coverage you must conform to the plan requirements.
Baggage Limit The maximum amount of coverage for your baggage and personal effects. Coverage is usually all risk meaning that they provide for most causes of loss except for those specifically excluded or limited in the policy. However, some of the policies may limit coverage to when your baggage or personal effects is checked as luggage with a common carrier or airline.
Baggage Delay Provides reimbursement for the purchase of emergency personal effects because your baggage was delayed, usually at your trip's destination, due to one of the specific reasons stated in the policy. The delay has to exceed a specific number of hours for coverage to apply.
Available to Describes who is eligible to buy the insurance.
Available Options Some plans contain options that may be added to your quote for an additional premium. To add the option click on the option box and then click on the add/remove options button.
Accidental Death Limit The amount of coverage paid for a covered Accidental Death or Dismemberment. This is usually a broad form of Accidental Death coverage for most types of accidents including Flight Accidents.
24 Hour Emergency Assistance A 24/7, 365 day service provided by the insurance plans that provide specific emergency services and in extreme cases will approve and coordinate Emergency Evacuations.