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Waiver of Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing conditions are the #1 reason claims get denied. Learn what pre-existing exclusions are, who they apply to and why you should get the waiver. 

Pre-Existing Waiver

Nearly all travel insurance policies exclude "pre-existing medical conditions".  And the exclusion is applied to almost all benefits.  It is important to note that the trip cancellation/interruption plans extends this exclusion to traveling companions and immediate family members as well.

For most travelers, getting pre-existing conditions covered is important.  There is a way to cover pre-existing conditions and this is known as a pre-existing medical conditions waiver.  The waiver eliminates or "waives" the pre-existing conditions exclusion.  However, to qualify for the waiver you must comply with the plans requirements

Many of the plans that offer the pre-existing waiver have similar qualification requirements and they are shown below.

  1. you must buy the insurance within 10 to 30 days (varies by plan) of the date of first trip payment.; and
  2. you and any other traveling family member must be physically fit to travel on the day that you buy the insurance; and
  3. you must insure your trip to it's full, prepaid non-refundable value.

Again, the above is just a general guideline for you.  Some plans might have more requirements, some may have less.  Whatever plan you choose, keep in mind that meeting all of the conditions listed in the policy are required in order to qualify for the waiver.

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Question:  Does it cost any more for the "Waiver"?

Answer:  No, plans that offer the "waiver" do so as an inducement to get you to buy the insurance within a short period of time following your first trip payment.  They do this because statistically they have fewer claims when policies are purchased at the beginning of your trip planning.

Question:  Why is it important to qualify for the "pre-existing waiver"?

Answer:  All policies have an exclusion for pre-existing medical conditions.  This exclusion can effect the following coverages:  trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel medical expense, and medical evacuation.  Statistically up to 25 % of all travel insurance claims can be caused by a pre-existing condition. 

Question:  My trip cost comes out to $3,025.  I noticed that the price of insurance is cheaper if I round my trip cost down to $3,000.   Can I round down and still qualify for the "waiver of pre-existing conditions"?

Answer:  NO.  Most companies require that you insure your trip to the full, pre-paid cost of your trip.  This includes taxes and fees.  Rounding down will disqualify you for pre-existing medical conditions coverage.

Recommended Travel Insurance Plans

The following are the top 3 plans out of 15 available to you. All coverage limits and premiums are in US $.
Company & Plan Name Waiver of Pre-existing conditions Total Premium

CSA Travel Protection

Custom Luxe

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Must be purchased prior to or within 24 hours of final trip payment date.
Other conditions also apply
See Policy Wording
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Travelex Insurance Services

Travel Basic

See Details
Available if purchased within 15 days of initial trip deposit

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Travel Insured International

Worldwide Trip Protector

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Available if purchased within 21 days of initial deposit

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