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QuoteWright.com is a subsidiary of the BC Group, LLC. It is located in Connecticut and is licensed (click here for licenses) with the State of Connecticut Insurance Department. The founding members of BC Group are insurance professionals whose careers began with The Travelers Insurance Company, the insurance company that holds the distinction of being the first provider of travel insurance in the United States. Please click here to see their biographies.

The principals of BC Group represent over 90 years of experience in the insurance industry. We are committed to provide old-fashioned quality in business ethics, service and products to you. We promise to deliver our best effort to assist you in solving your insurance needs.

About the BC Group Logo

We picked the "Celestial Indicator" as our logo because it was invented by Henry Bryant and patented September 10, 1872 in order to help educate and guide the public in the complex world of Astronomy. Just like the "Celestial Indicator" we invented our site to help educate and guide the insurance consumer in the complex world of Travel Insurance.

The following is printed on the top rim of the Celestial Indicator:

The Celestial Indicator
By Henry Bryant
Hartford, Conn.

EXPLANATIONS AND DIRECTIONS - The outside frame represents the sphere of the Heavens. The revolving meridian is to find right ascension and declination. The centre ball represents the Sun. The balls on the revolving arms are for the Earth and Moon. The other small balls represent the Planets. The shaft indicates the Axis of the Heavens, Axis of the Sun, and Axis of the Ecliptic. The rim of wire inside and around the Equator of the Heavens is also to represent it. This rim, and the one crossing it at right angles, representing the first meridian, represent a movable sphere, being attached to the revolving Axis of the Heavens. To revolve the Earth, make fast the two Spheres, by turning the thumb-nut on the outside; or hold fast the shaft by the thumb-piece with the left hand; then revolve the thumb-slide to the left; and the Earth will move around the Sun, keeping the Poles parallel to themselves, thus showing the changes of the Seasons. The Earth's nutation is represented by the backward-movement of the right arm that supports the North Pole of the Earth. The small rim of wire is for the Moon's path around the Sun; her nodes are where the rim intersects the Plane of the Ecliptic. The nodes revolve to the right, or westward; the amount of their semi-annular motions is marked on the disk. Place the Planets in their respective Signs, to show their conjunctions and retrograde motion. To show the procession of the Equinoxes, revolve the Axis of the Heavens westward, around the Pole of the Ecliptic, and the equinoctial points will be seen to recede on the Ecliptic. At the same time, the Equator of the Heavens, represented by the rim of wire, will move among the stars, thus showing the change in their declination, as well as in their right ascension. The amount of the motion of these points of the Heavens is about 1° 71 years. The Nebulous theory is explained by the positions and motions of the Celestial bodies on the Zodiac. (See synopsis of the Elements of Astronomy accompanying the Celestial Indicator.)