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Cancel for Any Reason

A safety net for trip cancellation coverage. 

Cancel for Any (Other) Reason

Sometimes the trip cancellation/interruption plans don’t have the covered reason you’re looking for, or maybe you just want to have all of your bases covered.  This is where the "cancel for any reason" benefit can help you.  This benefit allows you to cancel for any other reason not stated on the policy and get reimbursed a percentage (usually 75%, varies by plan) of you trip cost back.  This benefit is only available on select plans and you must qualify for it.

Many of the plans that offer the cancel for any reason benefit have similar qualification requirements and they are shown below.

  1. you must buy the insurance within 24 hours to 30 days (varies by plan) of the date of first trip payment.
  2. you must insure your trip to it's full, prepaid non-refundable value.

With some policies the benefit is then available at additional cost, and with others, it is already built into the premium.  Like qualifying for the pre-existing medical conditions waiver, remember that meeting all of the conditions listed in the policy is required to qualify.

How Does It Work?

The benefit tends to work the same way with all of the plans that offer it.  As mentioned above, it allows you to cancel for any other reasons not stated on your policy as long as you are not cancelling within 48 hours of your departure.  This bears repeating- once you are within 48 hours of your departure, the cancel for any reason benefit no longer applies.

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Case Study

Facts:  Client is planning a trip to Europe which will cost them $4,000. They are concerned about having to cancel their trip if their elderly dog were to get sick or die. The problem is that none of the available plans with trip cancellation/interruption coverage provide protection in the event that a pet becomes sick or dies.

Solution:  Client is able to protect the majority of their trip investment in the event of a cancellation with "cancel for any reason" coverage.

Helpful Tip

Please keep in mind that qualifying for the cancel for any reason benefit is all or nothing - you either meet all of the requirements and qualify for it or you don't.  The final determination that you've qualified happens at the time of a claim.  Some travelers are tempted to round down their trip cost or not insure for certain parts of their trip as they are willing to "self insure".  Don't risk it! Insure for the full trip cost.


Recommended Travel Insurance Plans

The following are the top 3 plans out of 8 available to you. All coverage limits and premiums are in US $.
Company & Plan Name Cancel for Any Reason Total Premium

CSA Travel Protection

Custom Luxe

See Details
Yes Optional Coverage
Up to 75% of insured Trip Cost - must be purchase within 24 hours of initial deposit. Other conditions also apply. Not available to residents of NY
See Policy Wording
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Travel Insured International

Worldwide Trip Protector Plus

See Details
Must be purchased within 21 days of initial trip payment
See Policy Wording
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Travel Guard

Cruise Tour and Travel

See Details
Optional 75%
Must be purchased within 15 days of initial trip payment
See Policy Wording
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