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Baggage Limit - The maximum amount of coverage for your baggage and personal effects. Coverage is usually all risk meaning that they provide for most causes of loss except for those specifically excluded or limited in the policy. However, some of the policies may limit coverage to when your baggage or personal effects is checked as luggage with a common carrier or airline.

Company Plan Name Baggage Limit QuoteWright Rating
Generali Global Assistance Premium $ 2,000
Secondary Coverage
QuoteWright rating: 6 out of 10
Generali Global Assistance Preferred $ 1,500
Policy maximum $15,000.
Secondary Coverage
QuoteWright rating: 6 out of 10
Travel Insured International Worldwide Trip Protector $ 1,000
$250 per article/$500 combined articles
Primary Coverage
QuoteWright rating: 5 out of 10