Weatherproofing your trip is easy

December 8th, 2014

“Understanding how travel insurance responds to adverse weather and natural disasters, such as hurricanes, can be a daunting task,” said QuoteWright President, John Cook. “Because policies differ on the type and amount of coverage that they offer, it can be confusing to the traveler when adverse weather impacts their plans.”

Cook cited horror stories that arise each year, depicting travelers stuck in airports when extreme weather conditions cause flights to be canceled. He said his firm receives a huge volume of calls from travelers, asking which plan is best when faced with the potential of bad weather.

“Now that the winter season is causing flight delays and cancellations, and because travelers are asking which coverage is best for them, QuoteWright has developed a simple-to-understand coverage chart showing how major travel insurance companies handle adverse weather conditions,” said Cook, adding “Not all plans handle weather conditions in the same way, so we’ve come up with an easy and effective way to find a plan that comes closest to providing coverage for a traveler’s needs.”

Travelers who are concerned about weather affecting their vacations may review the weather coverage chart at: .

Cook said that “by comparing plans and finding that which best fits the traveler’s needs, travelers can protect their trip investment.” He said an additional value-added benefit is for the traveler to purchase their flight insurance early, before storms are forecast or named.

“This practice provides the traveler with the greatest value for their money by helping to ensure that the risk is unforeseeable,” said Cook. “Unforeseeability  is a standard insurance requirement.”


St. Louis International Airport Restrictions Lifted

November 25th, 2014

Last night the FAA restricted flight into and out of Lambert-St. Louis International Airport because of reports of gunshots being fired in the sky in nearby Ferguson.    It was reported that 10 inbound and 6 outbound were affected by these restrictions and that the restrictions have now been lifted.

How does this effect travel insurance?  Normally, when a flight is cancelled or redirected to another airport there are a couple of coverages that might apply to help replace the financial losses that could be incurred.   However, many  travel insurance plans  might not provide any coverage because of either an exclusion that eliminates coverage for financial losses caused by civil unrest or because civil unrest isn’t one of the perils listed in the policy.

Travelers should read their policies carefully.  We provide a guide on how to read a travel insurance policy at


Ebola and Travel Insurance

November 5th, 2014

The global Ebola outbreak has had a far reaching domino effect on the world economy and the travel insurance industry is no exception.  Questions surrounding travel policies are generally falling into two categories: (1) What happens if a traveler must cancel or interrupt their trip due to the threat of Ebola? (2) What coverage does the traveler have if they contract Ebola?

The answer to question one actually depends on the insurance company and the plan the traveler has selected. Trip cancellation interruption coverage falls into the “named peril” category, whereby only those perils specifically listed by the insurance company, and not limited by the company’s exclusions, are covered. Translation—there is no coverage if a traveler cancels due to the threat of Ebola, because at present the virus is not listed in any available policies. If, however, one is forced to undergo quarantine, most policies include that as a peril and would therefore cover the traveler.

But even here, the consumer must take note. Many travel plans include the exclusion of quarantine if it’s due to an epidemic or pandemic.

The answer to number two is much more precise. If one contracts Ebola, that is, of course, considered a sickness, thereby possibly making the client eligible for benefits under the medical expense, trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delay or emergency evacuation coverage found in most policies. However, this, too, changes when plans do not provide coverage once an outbreak falls into the “epidemic” category.

Changes are emerging, however, as it witnessed by the recent Nationwide Insurance announcement in which the company has added a new peril to its Prime Plan. This company will honor cancellations or interruptions when the Centers for Disease Control issues travel warnings, advising travelers to avoid certain destination countries or regions for that period that covers one’s planned trip provided their itinerary includes the travel to the warning area. While this may seem somewhat of a small step, it’s certainly one in the right direction. Those concerned about Ebola would be well advised to select a plan offering “cancel for any reason” coverage, thereby enabling travelers to control their destiny, rather than relying on the CDC to publish travel warnings.

The “cancel for any reason” coverage is time-sensitive; usually available if purchased within 21 days of the first trip payment date and requiring the traveler to insure their trip to value.

Given the current threat of Ebola, most insurance companies are now trying to decide whether to include this coverage.   Some companies might respond by adding coverage while others might respond by eliminating coverage for travel to and from areas being impacted by this disease.

To say the least, underwriters find themselves trying to delicately balance the public’s need vs. the possibility of a single event (such as Ebola) causing catastrophic losses. In some ways, the old adage “the more things change, the more they stay the same” has once again proven true. The threat of Ebola somewhat mirrors the AIDS/HIV outbreak of the 1980’s when travelers faced similar global trepidations.

Hurricane Gonzalo Head Toward Bermuda

October 15th, 2014

Recently tropical storm Gonzalo was upgraded to a hurricane and now it’s headed toward Bermuda.

How does travel insurance apply?  Check out our weather page.


KGO – On the Go

October 13th, 2014

On the Go with John Hamilton with guest John Cook, founder of   If you’re a fan of John Hamilton’s on The Go from KTO or a fan of John Cook, founder and President of, than you’ll enjoy yesterdays broadcast.  Listen at KGO’s ON THE GO WITH JOHN HAMILTON.