Month: September 2008

Statement by Federal Reserve on AIG

Interesting press release today from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York concerning their transaction involving AIG: We understand the importance of keeping AIG’s regulated subsidiaries which include its insurance companies well capitalized, and will continue to work with their regulators. Policyholders across the entire AIG family should take comfort from the fact that AIG…

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What if my insurance company goes bankrupt?

In the past several days we’ve all heard about the crisis going on with AIG and their recent attempts to raise capital to forestall a decrease in their credit ratings. We have heard that bankruptcy is one option that AIG’s management might have no recourse but to use. That raises the question of: What happens…

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Does the Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion Only Apply to Family Members Who are Traveling?

No – it applies to all Immediate Family Members, travel companions and their Immediate Family Members- whether they are traveling or not. This is an important detail to pay attention to because most travelers think that the pre-existing condition exclusion only applies to them – the ones going on the trip. If you are concerned…

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