Month: January 2008

A few questions about travel insurance answered

Having been in the travel insurance industry for more than 14 years, you tend to take for granted the knowledge you get and sometimes forget that to those just coming in, some of the questions can be somewhat confusing to new comers.

So, this is for the new people coming to our site or those who are returning to us. Always remember that we thank you for choosing for your travel insurance needs.

My pet travel insurance peeves for 2007.

Like fingernails on a blackboard – here they are: 1. Autopsy: an east coast television station recently reported And if you cancel because of a death in the family, the company may require both a death certificate and autopsy. Right! I can just see a travel insurance company requesting, at their expense, that you submit…

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Air Travel Delays

Now, all of the Comprehensive Package Plans that we offer (save one, that’s the Medex Trav Med Abroad Plan) cover bad weather, what is referred to as Inclement Weather, but not all policies cover it in the same way. The difference comes down to how long that inclement weather causes your common carrier (that’s your airline) to be delayed for. Some policies state that the inclement weather has to cause a complete cessation of services of your common carrier for up to 48 consecutive hours before the benefit will apply to you.