Month: February 2012

Five things every traveler should know about travel insurance!

Travel insurance is more than a luxury; it’s a necessity if one’s trip is to be successful.  However, travel insurance is not a cookie-cutter arrangement where one size fits all.  At, we recommend that travelers understand the following facts about travel insurance coverages: 1.  Buy you insurance early in order to qualify for extra…

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Ten Things Travel Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Travel insurance policies offer different types of coverage, and most people know what their own policies cover. Yet they often neglect to read the fine print when they buy travel insurance, and the exclusions may surprise them. According to MSNBC, most travel insurance policies do not cover these ten situations. 1. Tour Cancellation. Many travelers…

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Minnesota Fines Travel Guard $250,000

Tuesday, February 14, 2012, the Minnesota Insurance Department announced an enforcement action against Travel Guard and their underwriting company, National Union Fire Insurance Company (a part of Chartis), due to allegations that they violated Minnesota State Law by automatically enrolling travelers, who booked their trip through, in travel insurance without their affirmative consent.  The…

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