Ten Things Travel Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Travel insurance policies offer different types of coverage, and most people know what their own policies cover. Yet they often neglect to read the fine print when they buy travel insurance, and the exclusions may surprise them. According to MSNBC, most travel insurance policies do not cover these ten situations.

1. Tour Cancellation. Many travelers purchase cancellation insurance in case they have to cancel a trip at the last minute. However, most policies do not cover cancellations if the tour itself gets cancelled for any reason unless it’s caused by the tour company’s bankruptcy.

2. Short Baggage Delays. Carry-on baggage is a good idea for travelers. Most insurance policies will not reimburse for expenditures due to baggage delays shorter than 24 hours.

3. Loss or Damage to Certain Personal Items. Travel insurance does not cover loss or damage to tickets, documents, keys, cash, or credit cards. These items are common exclusions to baggage/personal items coverage.

4. Pre-existing Medical Conditions. Most insurance policies will cover medical conditions that existed prior to travel however, you have to qualify for the “waiver of pre-existing” to get coverage. New health problems resulting from a pre-existing condition may not be covered unless you do qualify for the “waiver,” American Citizens Services (ACS), an office of the United States Department of State provides assistance with medical emergencies involving Americans abroad but assistance is limited and by law they can not make payments on your behalf.

5. Wars and Protests. While most travel insurance policies cover terrorism, civil wars and protests are usually excluded. Traveler insurance will not protect travelers who are forced to change plans because of violent outbreaks.

6. Pet Death or Illness. Dogs and cats may be part of the family, but travel insurance policies are not sympathetic to sick pets. Service animals may be the exception. According to the U.S. State Department, service animals are not considered pets and are usually accommodated abroad, if possible, however, travel policies don’t include animals within their covered perils for canceling or interrupting your trip.

7. Pregnancy and Childbirth. Normal pregnancy and childbirth are common exclusions in travel insurance policies. However, most policies will cover “complications of pregnancy.”

8. Psychological Illnesses. Mental illnesses, emotional breakdowns, and emergencies that result from self-inflicted wounds are not covered by travel insurance. People who cancel a trip due to psychological illness will be penalized in the pocketbook.

9. Divorce or Legal Separation. Most travel insurance policies do not accept legal separation or divorce as valid reasons for canceling a trip. However, some companies are adding coverage for this situation.

10. Adventure Sports Injuries. Many policies will not cover sports injuries incurred during travel. Injuries from bungee jumping, mountain climbing and paragliding, are typical exclusions.

Sometimes situations like those mentioned above make it necessary to cancel a trip, or end it early to return home. Thus, when purchasing travel insurance it is a good idea for vacationers to see if they can find additional coverage for “cancel for any reason” benefits before they begin their next adventure.

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