My pet travel insurance peeves for 2007.

Like fingernails on a blackboard – here they are:

1. Autopsy: an east coast television station recently reported And if you cancel because of a death in the family, the company may require both a death certificate and autopsy. Right! I can just see a travel insurance company requesting, at their expense, that you submit your grandmother to an autopsy for your $500 trip cancellation claim. Sure. Let me set the record straight in 39 years of being directly involved in travel insurance I’ve never heard of a company requiring an autopsy for a trip cancellation or interruption claim.

2. Named event clause: this one is from within the travel insurance industry. Articles have been written that say that a weather event(hurricane) will not be covered if you purchase your policy after a storm has been named because of the “named event” clause in travel insurance policies. I’ve researched almost every travel insurance policy issued in the USA but I’ve never have seen a policy with a “named event clause”. Maybe they’re referring to the requirement that the event be “unforeseen”. Maybe it’s one of those secret provisions that you can put into an insurance policy. You know very, very, very, fine print. I’m sure that the State Insurance Departments will approve a secret provision(not likely).

3. You don’t need travel insurance: because in most cases you’re already covered with your own insurance. This one was started by Consumer Reports and unfortunately they didn’t do their homework. Instead of using solid research they used non-specific terms like in “most cases”. Come on Consumer Reports, the public expects more from you.

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