When Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

East Hartford, CT (PRWEB) October 27, 2004 — BC Group, LLC a leading travel insurance broker since 2001, encourages travel insurance consumers to buy travel insurance at the same time that they are putting deposits down for their trips.

John Cook, President of BC Group and one of the most respected experts in the field of travel insurance strongly recommends that today’s consumers seriously consider buying travel insurance at the same time that they are putting down their initial trip deposit. “The reason is simple”, John explains, “most travel insurance companies that offer the broad, comprehensive travel insurance that includes trip cancellation coverage, offer very valuable incentives that are time sensitive in order to encourage clients to buy the insurance early. The most important incentive is that the majority of companies will waive their pre-existing conditions exclusion if the insurance is purchased around the time of the client’s first trip payment. Eliminating the pre-existing conditions exclusion is a major benefit for the client and removes an area of the policy that has always caused confusion and misunderstanding. In addition most companies will also provide financial default coverage incase an airline, cruise line, or tour operator goes bankrupt and your trip is cancelled or interrupted. Both of these benefits are important and can be added to most policies just by buying them within the required time period.”

About BC Group, LLC.
BC Group, LLC. is a national online travel insurance broker that was created in 2001. It is Headquartered in East Hartford, CT. Ever since it’s creation it has been educating and assisting consumers and insurance professionals in find appropriate travel insurance coverage. BC Group is highly integrated with their partner companies and offers consumers coverage from the major travel insurance companies. The principals of BC are nationally known and respected experts in the field of travel insurance and have over 80 years of combined experience. Interested parties can find BC Group at http://www.quotewright.com or by calling them at 800-821-4940.

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