Cheap Travel Insurance

What is “cheap travel insurance”? Looking at our logs I see the second most popular search term is “cheap travel insurance” and it confuses me.

I know what “travel insurance” means but what about “cheap”? Does it mean obtaining travel insurance at less than the regular price as found in one definition or does it mean of inferior quality or worth as found in another definition? Or does one cause the other?

It’s very difficult to judge the value of insurance. All too often we find out the true value only after we’ve had a loss and have had to submit a claim. That’s the wrong time to find out that the more expensive policy might have been the better one.

The best advice we can provide is to ignore price until you have compared policies and plans and have found the one that best fits your specific travel plans. Remember the policy that you purchased for your trip to the Bahamas last year probably will not be the best policy for your trip to Hong Kong this year. Your travel insurance needs change with family circumstances, time of the year, and destination.

So what is “cheap travel insurance”? To me, it is the one that is best for your needs regardless of the cost. Even the least expensive policy is overpriced if it doesn’t cover you when you need it.

Updated June 12, 2014

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