Some new products, some revisions and Cancel for Any Reason!

Just a quick update what’s new on QuoteWright – first off we have added 4 new plans in the past several weeks that I feel are worth mentioning. First off we have added CSA’s Freestyle and Freestyle Luxe plans into the mix, which brings our total offering from CSA to 4 plans. While at first the Freestyle and the Comfort plans as well as the Freestyle and Freestyle Luxe plans look very similiar in regards to coverages, there are some important differences that make one a better choice than another.

  • Both Freestyle plans calculate the premium based on additional factors such as your trip type and destination, and tend to be cheaper the closer your are to your departure date. The Comfort and Luxe(the non-Freestyle Luxe plan, that is) plans do not factor this information into the price of the quote, and tend to be cheaper the further away from your departure date.
  • All the CSA plans except for the Freestyle will waive the pre-existing condition exclusion if purchased within 24 hours of your final payment. This is a great feature that extends the time to get this waiver and not have to worry about pre-existing conditions.

The other 2 new plans are from TravelSafe and they include a feature that many travelers have asked for – Cancel for any reason! The TravelSafe Vacation plan offers it as an option while the Premier plan has it built in. The catch is that you have to purchase it within 15 days from your first trip payment and the cancellation has to occur 2 days before departing. Both plans only cover a certain percentage of your pre-paid trip cost – 75% on the Vacation with the option and 90% with the Premier. The plans cost a bit more but they definitely are worth looking at if you want this type of broad coverage.

TravelGuard has just revised their ProtectAssist and Essential Expanded plans to add a new option called the “Umbrella Package“. This option:

  • Doubles the coverage limit for both Medical and Evacuation;
  • Makes Medical coverage primary on the ProtectAssist; and
  • Removes the deductible from Medical and Baggage on the Essential Expanded

The revisions also added some Flight Accident coverage to both plans as well as adding broader coverage for cancellation due to military reasons. To find out more get a quote.

That’s it for now – time to enjoy the holidays. From everyone here at QuoteWright – have a happy a safe holiday season.

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