Beware of some Travel Insurance “Experts”

Every once and awhile a person who has “expert” insurance credentials drifts or stumbles out of their area of expertise and offers advise in areas in which they have no or very little knowledge but because of the credentials people believe them. Just yesterday an article, “Are You Covered?” appeared on the web site for theIndianapolis Star that had two misleading statements that are credited to Bob Hunter, director of insurance for the Consumer Federation of America.

The first comment claims that you can avoid most travel cancellation penalties because

“Most times, businesses will accommodate you in the event of an emergency”.

The basis of that comment is the belief that most travel suppliers (airlines, cruise lines, tour operators) will waive their cancellation penalty because you have an emergency. It would be nice to believe but is it accurate? NO! Why because the cancellation penalty is part of your contract with the travel supplier and they can not arbitrarily impose the penalty in some cases and not in others without being accused of discrimination. Another way of looking at it is why do they have the provision in their contract if they don’t intend on using it.

The second comment claims that you don’t need medical coverage

while traveling in developed countries because “you can usually find affordable local health-care options.”

Let that sink in for a minute… “Affordable local health-care options” while having a heart attack in Paris, or London, or Rome. Sorry, but that is one of the most naive statements I’ve ever heard.

I think Mr. Hunter has proved that he should keep his comments to areas where he has some expertise – it’s certainly not in travel insurance.

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