Biggest Mistake in Buying Travel Insurance

The biggest mistake people make when they go to buy travel insurance is the assumption that buying direct from a cruise line, tour operator or travel insurance company is the cheapest and best way to go. A good deal of people will use a site like to compare travel insurance but once they have made a decision they will then go directly to the company to purchase the plan. Why is this a mistake? The problem here is first it is not any cheaper to go direct when purchasing trip insurance, all else being the same the price is no lower or higher whether it be from the company’s site or say a what a travel agent or comparison site has.
The other more important issue is if you have a claim to file – who is going to help you then? Here is the biggest benefit you gain with us is you have our combined 50+ years of travel insurance expertise in helping you when claim problems arise. We have gotten thousands of dollars paid in claims that were initially declined. Its not that the insurance companies don’t want to pay claims – its that important information often gets lost in the claims process, or there is a misunderstanding.
Avoiding this mistake will definitely help you in case you ever need to file a claim – and isn’t that the reason you purchased the insurance in the first place?

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