Stolen Baggage – Just Another Everyday Thing…

Stolen Baggage is nothing new when it comes to traveling, but every so often it makes the news, such as the recent bust at Bradley International Airport. This story got a follow up that had an interesting quote:

“It’s a big problem and it always has been,” said Robert Mann, an airline consultant on Long Island who previously worked for several large U.S. carriers and has been in charge of authorizing loss and damage claims.

That was not actually the interesting quote, but it helps put the following in perspective:

So far, however, it’s a problem that airlines and airports have not seen fit to address aggressively.

It doesn’t really surprise me that airlines take a causal stance against baggage theft, it just hasn’t reached a critical mass yet, although I think it would be a big PR win if one of the airlines makes a point of safeguarding baggage while its out of your site.

And hey, theres always baggage insurance;).

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