Swine Flu Update

Unfortunately, there has been some misinformation in print and on the net during the past couple of days that claims “for most travel insurers, April 24 was the date the swine flu outbreak became what the industry calls a foreseenĀ or known eventĀ because of widespread media attention” and therefore coverage would not apply for policies purchased after that date. As an analogy it’s claimed that you should “Think about it like hurricane insurance…If you buy coverage before a storm receives its official name, for example, you are covered for losses relating to that storm, but not if you buy afterward.” WRONG!!!

How can you compare a traveler who gets sick because of the flu with a hurricane that has been named? I think what the “expert” meant was that it would now be foreseeable and therefore not covered. However, how can you say that because only a few hundred people have contracted the swine flu that it is now foreseeable that 300 million Americans will now become sick with it and therefore travel insurance won’t cover you?

Just goes to show you that you can’t believe everything that your read regardless of the source.

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