How Expensive are Medical Evacuations?

Very expensive!

Today I was reading some news on the internet and came across an article about a New Jersey Police Chief who was transported from Idaho to New Jersey at a cost of $433,525.  It appears that he was uninsured and the air ambulance company is billing the City.  Here is a breakdown of the expenses charged by an air ambulance firm:

Mileage:            $352,275 (2,135 miles @ $165/mile)
Base rate:            $12,600
Medical staff:      $62,500
Ambulance:          $ 3,846
Medical supplies: $2,304
Total:                 $433,525

At $165 an air mile it adds up quick.  It is 3,628 air miles from Paris to New York so simple math would indicate a cost of $598,620 just for the mileage!

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