Common Sense Ways to Protect your home when traveling

Are you one of those travelers who writes “to do” lists before going on a trip?  Such as board the pet, pick up cleaning, and putting a hold on your daily newspaper.  You might want to rethink your list.   Last year a burglar ring was found in California that was using a newspaper hold list to target vacant homes.

This type of event is out of the ordinary.  However, there are certain things that a traveler can do to minimize their risks to their home and property while traveling.  Having security devices like an alarm and motion detection lights installed can help but here are some more tips:

  • Make arrangements with a trusted friend, neighbor, or relative to pickup mail and newspapers on a daily basis.
  • Notify your local police that you’ll be gone.  Some police departments will occasionally check to see if everything is ok.  Make sure they are aware of any friend, neighbor, or relative that you’ve asked to help.
  • Put some lights in your home on timers that go on and off during expected periods.  Also place a radio on a timer and have it tuned to a talk radio show with the volume at a normal level.
  • Outward appearances are important too.  If it is in the summer time than have plans for your lawn  to be mowed or if it is winter than make plans for snow while you’re gone.
  • Be careful on social networks.  Announcing your plans might be an invitation for a break in.
  • If you have weekly rubbish removal than arrange to have your bins placed on curbside while you’re gone.

Remember the fewer people that know that your going away the better.  It’s always best to have you home looked occupied.  Use common sense and you’ll have an enjoyable trip.

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