Travel Insurance’s 150th Birthday!

Today marks the 150th birthday of travel insurance in the USA.  On this day in 1864, while the civil war was still raging, travel insurance made it’s debut when The Travelers Insurance Company of Hartford, CT opened it’s doors for business.  The Travelers was originally incorporated in Connecticut  “for the purpose of insuring travelers against loss of life or personal injury while journeying by railway or steamboat.”  Later they amended their charter to include all accidents.

Travel insurance has evolved and matured during the past 150 years  – from insuring passengers on trains, steamboats, and stage lines – to modes of transportation that could never have been imagined during Mr. Batterson’s lifetime.

We feel honored to be a small part of that history.  Mr. James G Batterson, was founder and the first executive in charge of travel insurance at The Travelers and our founder, John W. Cook, had the good fortune during his career at The Travelers to be the 8th.  Today we continue that same commitment to excellence at, America’s Travel Insurance Store.

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