Travel Insurance for Israel

With air strikes and an anticipated invasion of the Gaza strip a frequent question that we’re getting concerns coverage to Israel?

Most of the questions deal with the traveler’s trip investment and whether there is any coverage if they had to cancel or interrupt their trip due to the military actions.

The answer is no, travel insurance policies specifically exclude losses caused by or resulting from “war, declared or undeclared or any act thereof”.  The only option is found with plans that offer “cancel for any reason”(CFAR) coverage.  CFAR coverage is specifically designed to protect a traveler if they have to cancel a trip due to a reason that either isn’t listed as a basic trip cancellation covered reason or for a reason that is specifically excluded from coverage, such as “war, declared or undeclared or any act thereof”.

CFAR is a time sensitive benefit and is only available if purchased within the required time period which varies by plan from 1 to 30 days.


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