QuoteWright.com has changed

As you might have noticed we’ve updated our site! While we have changed the look and style and added a bunch of new features –  we’ve also kept all of what makes QuoteWright a valuable resource for buying the right travel insurance plan for your next trip.


  1. We are introducing our new “Travel Insurance Buyer’s Guide” which can provide you with more information about the background and intent of specific coverages.
  2. We provide our unique “QuoteWright Rating” based on our objective and subjective analysis of each and every coverage compared to all of the other plans that run on our site.
  3. We now provide filter options so that travelers can zero in on the coverages that are important to them;
    1. Find plans with pre-existing medical waivers
    2. Cancel For Any Reason
    3. Weather concerns, Baggage, Travel Delay, Flight Accident – all now easier than ever to find
  4. We provide sorting options where you can sort your filtered result based on;
    1. QuoteWright Rating,
    2. Total Premium low to high,
    3. Total Premium high to low,
    4. Company


  1. Ownership.  This is still a family owned and operated business.
  2. Our commitment to old fashion customer service.
  3. Our pledge to provide unbiased advice and recommendations.

We are the same company but with a new face.

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