Uninsured travelers stuck in Mexican hospital until they pay $14,000 bill

There was an article written about a traveler from Georgia who while on a cruise to Mexico, suffered an illness that caused him to seek medical attention. As of now, the unfortunate traveler is stuck in the Mexican hospital and is not being released until he pays a $14,000 medical bill.

Would his medical bills have been covered with a travel medical insurance policy? If it was an unforseeable injury or sickness not due to a pre-existing medical condition, then the answer would be yes. What if it was due to a pre-existing medical condition? As long as the policy had a waiver of pre-existing medical conditions and he qualified for it, it would be covered as well.

What travel insurance policies would have worked best here? One that would forward the full benefit amount to the medical facility if it were necessary to secure his admission.

Remember, most health insurance policies do not cover you while you travel overseas – you should always look into getting travel medical insurance and coverage for emergency medical evacuation when you are traveling outside the United States.

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