Category: History of Travel Insurance

Articles on how travel insurance came to be what it is today.

Ever wonder where Trip Cancellation coverage came from?

Trip cancellation coverage had it’s origins in the late 1960’s with a coverage called “Air Fare Refunder” coverage. Originally, the “Air Fare Refunder” coverage only provided protection for loss of air fare paid to go on a group or chartered flight. The coverage was limited to only cancellations or interruptions due to a sickness or…

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History of Travel Insurance – Insurance Tickets?

Did you know that back in the day travel insurance was known as “insurance tickets”? It’s true! Travel Insurance was introduced to North America in 1864 when James G. Batterson founded The Travelers Insurance Company of Hartford, Connecticut. The company was founded to insure people while traveling, hence the name The Travelers Insurance Company. Of…

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Thank you Mr. Batterson!

A special thanks to J. G. Batterson, founder of The Travelers Insurance Company, for introducing travel insurance into the United States 144 years ago today! On April 1, 1864, Mr. Batterson with several other prominent Hartford, CT businessmen established The Travelers Insurance Company with the stated purpose to insure people while traveling, hence the name…

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The first Flight Accident Policy – who bought it and when?

When was the first Flight Accidental Death policy (then known as Aero Trip Ticket policy) sold? And who purchased the first policy? Good questions that probably would have been lost to history if not for “The Travelers 100 Years” published in 1964 to commemorate their centennial anniversary. The answer: President W. Wilson of Washington, DC.…

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