Thank you Mr. Batterson!

A special thanks to J. G. Batterson, founder of The Travelers Insurance Company, for introducing travel insurance into the United States 144 years ago today!

On April 1, 1864, Mr. Batterson with several other prominent Hartford, CT businessmen established The Travelers Insurance Company with the stated purpose to insure people while traveling, hence the name The Travelers Insurance Company. I doubt that Mr. Batterson would recognize the industry today. From the beginning in 1864 to the mid-1960’s travel insurance was primarily sold through railroad ticket agents. Beginning in the 1940’s and accelerating throughout the 1960’s and 70’s the distribution of travel insurance began to sift to travel agents and tour operators where today they account for the majority of sales. However, beginning in 2001 the internet began to change travel and how travel insurance is sold. Today, travelers can use the power of the internet to compare travel insurance and to find the plan that is best for their specific trip.

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