Getting ready for Summer Travel

Winter’s nearly over and Spring’s almost  here.  Time to think about Travel and Travel Insurance.

                 And travel insurance.  It’s been a long winter in our part of the woods and I can’t wait for the warmer days to get here.  My wife and I planned a trip up to Maine for a week this coming July and I imagine that there are many of you out there planning on taking trips yourselves.  Here is just a look at how I am going to go about getting insurance for our trip.                            

                    The cost of our cabin isn’t that much, under $1,000 for the both of us for the week.  I’m not too concerned with medical expenses since our medical still covers us while we’re away.  Mostly I am concerned with trip cancellation/ trip interruption.  We have a baby that’s due in a few days and by the time we are able to travel, the little one should be three months old or so.  I’m mostly worried of something happening with my child that would prevent my wife and I going on the trip.   

                I stated earlier that Medical and Evacuation coverage aren’t that important to me, so with that in mind, I can start looking at the cheapest Comprehensive Plans since all of them are going to be offering the coverage that I want.  For my family, I decided that the cheapest plan had what we were looking for.  If your interested, it was the Access America Family Basics plan for $52.00.               

                Now, if I were taking a rental in say Florida, I may be more concerned with coverage for the  destination being made uninhabitable by bad weather in addition to making sure we could go if any of us got sick.  For out trip though, the plan I mentioned above would be just fine. 

                When you’re looking for insurance, think of what you need to get covered for and then take a look at the plans.  More often than not, you can find the insurance that would suit you best without breaking the bank.

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