Researching Travel Insurance Just Got Easier

Our Research section has just expanded from one page to about as many pages as you need to find the right insurance plan for your upcoming trip. Listed on the products page are the 5 basic categories of travel insurance with links to compare the various plans and coverages offered on our site. What’s great about our new research pages is that you can now:

  • Compare each coverage item separately
  • View each plan’s list of coverages, and
  • View the plan’s policy wording for each of the listed coverages

What this means to you as someone who is shopping for travel insurance is that you can pinpoint your areas of concern and get both a general overview of the coverage including the limit, as well as the detailed policy information – ie the “fine print”.

For instance if you are looking for a comprehensive type of plan you can check out the links under the “Package” plan category. From there you can look at the different coverage types these plans offer, such as:

It’s all here, and you don’t need to do a quote to find out about which plan covers what. If you are just starting out looking or heard that travel insurance is something you should consider, then our research pages are the place to start.

Another addition is our QuoteWright Rating feature which uses a 5 star rating system to make it even easier to compare the features of each plan against one another. But since this is such a valuable feature I’ll save that for a later post…

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