HTH Worldwide Updates TravelGap Policies – adds new Excursion Plan with no pre-existing condition exclusion .

HTH Worldwide just updated the TravelGap Vacation plan – now called TravelGap Voyager – their short-term travel medical insurance plan, as well added a new version of that plan called TravelGap Excursion – which has no pre-existing condition exclusion! The Excursion also covers travelers up to 84 years old and to limits up to $1,000,000.

The good news here is that the new Excursion plan has taken the old Vacation plan and added a few things that make it, in my opinion, a great plan for people who are looking for high limit health insurance. The advantages of the new Excursion plan are:

  • A zero dollar deductible;
  • Travel Medical limits up to $1,000,000;
  • Available for travelers up to 84 years old(and all limits available!); and
  • No Pre-existing Condition Exclusion!

The last two points need to be repeated – travelers up to age 84 can get limits up to a million dollars and there is no exclusion for pre-existing conditions. Up until now travelers over 80 (or over 70 for that matter) have been limited to smaller coverage amounts while paying a much higher premium. Now HTH’s Excursion plan gives them the opportunity to get the same limits available to everyone else. No pre-existing condition exclusion takes alot of the “fine print” out of the equation, while other travel health insurance plans look back anywhere from 2 months to 5 years.

There are a couple of drawbacks to HTH’s new TravelGap Excursion and Voyager plans, but as long as you qualify for the plans(more on that in a second) and you know what you are buying (you do read the policies before you buy, don’t you?), there should be nothing to worry about. That being said the main points you have to be aware of concerning these plans are:

  • You must have a Primary Plan, such as Medicare, in order to buy the Excursion(does not apply to the Voyager plan);
  • Both plans are available to US residents, but only for certain states(Do a quote to see if its available in your state);
  • The plans only cover trips outside the United States; and
  • The plans are only available for trip up to 6 months in length.

So as long as you meet the above criteria the plans are available to you. You can do a travel medical quote to get more information. So if you are looking for a plan that gives you a high limit for travel medical and doesn’t limit you due to your age – and one that has no pre-existing exclusion – the Excursion plan just might fit the bill.

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