“Free” Trip Insurance Not Always the Best

Although not focused on the US traveling public, a recent article in Reuters UK warns about the real cost of free travel insurance. There was a particularly relevant quote that sums up what travelers should really concern themselves with when choosing the right plan:


“We advise people not to focus on costs but the level of cover they require,” said Malcolm Tarling, general insurance spokesman for the ABI[Association of British Insurers].

Its what we’ve been telling clients all the time – focus first on the coverages you need and then on the cost, or else you run the risk of not having the coverage you want. Not to knock some of the “free” insurance deals that some travel suppliers offer – just make sure you read the policy to see if it’s covering what you need.

That’s the real value of the insurance, getting the coverage you need to feel more comfortable while traveling. That’s also the reason to shop around and compare before buying.

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