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Yesterday, ABC News purblished an article by Bob Jamieson, “Travel Terror? Don’t Count on Insurance” and overall the article is informative however there are two statements that I’ve got to comment on:

The first, “Most policies exclude terrorism” is incorrect. Most travel insurance policies will provide some coverage for terrorism. Please refer to my article, “Terrorism and Travel Insurance – Is it covered?” for a full discussion of this issue.

The second concerns the statement that the possible strike on Northwestern “could have been called, he said, a pre-existing condition.” This is misleading. A pre-existing condition refers to a medical condition or conditions that a client is currently being treated for just prior to buying travel insurance. The proper use here would have been to refer to the possible loss as being foreseeable at the time you’re buying the insurance and like with all insurance policies only unforeseeable events are able to be covered.

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