Boston Herald – series on travel insurance

For the past couple of weeks, Rick Shaffer has been writing a series of articles on travel insurance. Over all they’ve been pretty good. Here is a list of them:

Travel insurance covers bad trips – August 13, 2006

Travel insurace can make a big difference in peace of mind – August 20, 2006
Travel insurance: Watch fine print – August 27, 2006

Over all these articles are informative and on target. One small exception is found in the “Watch find print” article on the 27th of August. In this article he states that you should “check to see if it offers (as some policies now do) the option of waiving this clause for a small additional premium.” This implies that you can add the “waiver of pre-existing conditions” to your policy by paying a small premium. Unfortunately this is wrong. Most plans offer the “waiver of pre-existing conditions” at no additional charge as long as you meet their requirements. Usually by:

  1. buying the travel insurance within 10 – 21 days (depends on the plan) of your initial trip payment;
  2. being physically able to travel on the day you purchase your insurance; and
  3. insuring your trip for it’s full non-refundable value.

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