Bankruptcy, Terrorism and Pre-Existing Waivers – Oh My!

We’ve added – or should I say promoted – a couple of coverage comparison items on our site to make it easier to research and compare our travel insurance offerings.

  • Default (a.k.a. Bankruptcy) coverage – Concerned about your airline, cruise line or tour operator going belly up? Make sure you understand what the plan offers in case this happens.
  • Terrorism coverage – Worried about an act of terrorism disrupting your trip? Take a look at what the plan covers when it comes to terrorism – the small variations could have an impact on what will and won’t be covered.
  • Pre-Existing Waiver – The one big reason to buy trip insurance early – like within 10-21 days from your first trip payment. Doing so will waive the Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion, something we highly recommend.

These items were always part of our comparison pages, its just now easier to find them. Enjoy.

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