QuoteWright.com® Web Site Wins Award from Better Business Bureau

EAST HARTFORD, CT – On Thursday, October 26, 2006, East Hartford-based BC Group, LLC received the Connecticut Better Business Bureau’s 2006 Excellence in Web Site Marketing Message Award for its travel insurance website, QuoteWright.com, at the Bureau’s 78th Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet.

BC Group represents all of the major travel insurance companies in the country, and its website, QuoteWright.com®, provides consumers with the tools they need in order to make an informed choice when buying travel insurance for their trip. Through the website, consumers are provided with detailed information about all available travel insurance plans. The site also allows consumers to conduct side-by-side comparisons of various plans in order to choose the plan that best suits their individual needs.

“It is an honor to be recognized by the Better Business Bureau for placing a premium on consumer education and conducting our business with high ethical standards,” said John Cook, President of BC Group. “Insurance can be confusing and, in some cases, overwhelming. We believe that both consumers and the travel insurance industry are best served when consumers understand travel insurance coverages and have attained the best value for their insurance. QuoteWright.com does not steer consumers to plans that offer us higher or better commissions. At all times, we fairly and accurately show all plans from our partner companies so that consumers are able to choose based on their needs regardless of their profitability to our company.”

According to the Better Business Bureau, winners of the Excellence in Web Site Marketing Message Award must show that their website:

·Exemplifies ethical marketing;

·Educates consumers by offering detailed information about the company’s products, services and/or industry;

·Includes the company’s accessibility information;

·Includes a description of the company’s policies pertaining to refunds/exchanges, guarantees/warrantees and/or how consumers may obtain service;

·Posts a clear and easy to understand privacy policy; and,

·Is easy to navigate.

About QuoteWright.com®:

QuoteWright.com® is a division of BC Group, LLC. It is an on-line travel insurance comparison site that provides consumers with the ability to compare and select the plan that is best for their travel needs. BC Group is highly integrated with their travel insurance partners and offers coverages from the major travel insurance companies. The principals of BC Group are nationally known and respected experts in the field of travel insurance and have more than 55 years of combined experience. Interested parties can find BC Group at http://www.quotewright.com or by calling 800-821-4940.

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