Best Posts of 2006 Roundup

Its already 2007, but I thought it was a good time to take all of the best posts of last year and give them a little extra love. So in no particular order here they are:

Pre-existing Medical Conditions and Travel Insurance – the Full Story
Everyone thinking about travel insurance should be aware what pre-existing conditions are and how they affect your coverage, even if they think it doesn’t pertain to them, or it only applies to medical coverage. Wrong.
Free Trip Insurance is Not Always the Best
You think you are getting a good deal – and what could be better than free? But looking closer you see that that is not always the case. Pay attention to your concerns, then cost.

Baggage – To Check or Not to Check
With all the crazy restrictions put on carry-on baggage this past year, its a good idea to see what is and what isn’t allowed, plus learn a little about how baggage insurance works.

Researching Travel Insurance Just Got Easier
We added a section on our site that lets you compare travel insurance items intuitively and rates each coverage in an easy to understand 5 star rating system. Take a look. Web Site Wins Award From Better Business Bureau
Yes, I’m tooting our own horn here, but hey – we worked hard for it. And for an organization like the BBB to recognize us in this manner it is a big deal.

There you have it. Of course there are some other good posts, and more to come. Thanks for stopping by, and remember us when planning your next trip.

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