Question of the day: Annual Time-Share Expenses – Can you insure them?

Recent questions from our clients have prompted us to do a quick survey of travel insurance companies that offer trip cancellation/interruption coverage. The question is:

Can the annual time-share expense be included in the trip costs and would they be reimbursed if the trip is cancelled due to a covered reason?

The annual time-share expense is an annual fee that is assessed to the owner of the time-share to cover on going expenses and is non-refundable. The fee is payable regardless of whether or not the time-share is used.

The answer is that at this point only CSA Travel Protection and HTH will cover the annual time share expense. All of the other companies that we’ve called have indicated that the annual expense is not an allowable expense.

So for those of you who own time-shares and want to buy travel insurance it looks like CSA or HTH are the company that you want to consider.

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