Weatherproof your vacation with travel insurance.

Weatherproof your trip with the right Travel Insurance plan. Find the right one by using’s convenient weather coverage comparison chart.

Understanding how travel insurance responds to adverse weather and natural disasters like hurricanes can be a daunting task. Policies differ on the type and amount of coverage that they offer. John Cook, President of said

“Earlier this year, when weather conditions were causing flights to be cancelled and there were horror stories on the evening news about travelers stuck in airports, we received a large number of calls from clients asking about travel insurance coverage if their plans were affected by bad weather.

Now we are starting the hurricane season and the same question is still on everyone’s mind. To assist travelers, has developed a simple to understand coverage chart which shows how the major travel insurance companies handle adverse weather conditions. We developed this to assist our clients in finding the right plan for their trip. Not all plans handle weather conditions in the same way, and this is an easy and effective way to find a plan that comes the closest to providing coverage for their needs.

Travelers who are concerned about weather affecting their vacations should review the weather coverage chart at:

Cook said that “travel insurance can help protect your trip investment. The best advice we can give is to compare the available plans and find the one that fits your needs and then buy it early to get the most value for your money. As with all insurance the loss must be unforeseen at the time you are buying the insurance. With weather coverage this usually means that if the storm hasn’t gotten on the map or hasn’t been named then you should be ok.

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