Updated Weather Coverage Comparison Chart

With all the snow piling up outside – and with probably much more to come – we decided to update our weather coverage chart. This comparison table shows all the plans we offer that have weather-related coverage.

There are three main coverage items that have weather-related coverage:

  • Coverage due to weather under Trip Cancellation/Interruption,
  • Travel Delay, and
  • Missed Connection

The table is ordered by the “QuoteWright Rating” number all the way to the right. The higher the number indicates a plan with “better” coverage – better being relative to what all the other plans offer.

For example the CSA plans currently rate well due to not having a specified time necessary that a common carrier has to be delayed for in order to have benefit(certain conditions apply –see the chart already!), while alot of other plans have a 12 or 24 consecutive hour delay clause. That makes a big difference for alot of travelers who worry that a snowstorm might cause them to miss their cruise due to delayed flights and a tight schedule.

Just to let you know that this is still a work in progress, hence its Beta status – but its in good enough shape to help anyone who might have weather delay/cancellation concerns. Anyhow check it out – QuoteWright’s Updated Weather Coverage Comparison Chart.

Check back soon for more updates!

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