Earthquakes and travel insurance

As most everyone on the east coast knows by now there was an earthquake today centered in Virginia, but pretty much felt all along the eastern seaboard. I felt it here in central Connecticut, it shook my blinds and ceiling fan.

Since that definitely woke me up how about a quick overview of how earthquakes are covered when it comes to travel insurance? For instance – can a trip be cancelled due to an earthquake?
In most cases yes, but it has to directly affect you, most policies cover for Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption of a trip due to either your primary residence or your destination is made uninhabitable by earthquake.

Medical coverage would also be available if a traveler was injured during an earthquake during his trip.

Trip Delay is another lesser-known benefit which generally reimburses you either for overnight hotel stays and meals or for a economy ticket to catch you up with your trip.

This is a quick list of most of the benefits offered by travel insurance plans in regard to earthquakes. I’ll update this more as needed. Hopefully there wasn’t much damage and no one was hurt.

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