First Earthquakes, now hurricanes

As if an earthquake wasn’t enough Hurricane Irene is predicted to ride up the eastern seaboard. While the “Great Quake” of ’11 was realitively tame Irene looks to be a bit more threatening. We have mentioned before how hurricanes are covered under travel insurance plans.

One thing to note is that as of this posting most insurance companies are going to consider Irene forseeable and are probably already sending out notices to all their agents. And forseeable events is one thing that travel insurance plans do NOT cover(well, unless you get Cancel for Any Reason coverage, but that’s another story).

To view specific coverages you can look at our handy travel insurance weather coverage comparison chart. This chart lists coverages as far as the hurricane as a weather event delaying your travel. Another coverage provided under trip cancellation / trip interruption is if your primary residence or destination are made uninhabitable. See the weather chart or the links above for each plan’s specifics regarding coverage.

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