IMG Updates Patriot Travel Medical Plans

International Medical Group has just updated their Patriot Travel Medical plans – the Patriot International and the Patriot America. The good news is that there were no rate changes along with some additional coverages, such as:

  • The sudden onset of a pre-existing condition coverage has been expanded, giving a much better coverage for US travelers up to 65 years old – plan maximum for insureds with primary health insurance and $20,000 for those without. It even has $2,500 limit for those over 65.
  • The new Evacuation Plus Rider – if you are traveling for over 3 months this option offers coverage for Non-life threatening medical evacuations($25,000 limit) and natural disasters ($5000).
  • Additional sports and activities coverage includes coverage for motorcycle, motor scooter, scuba diving(10 meters), snorkeling, wakeboarding and waterskiing
  • The Adventure Sports Rider now includes coverage for horseback riding, scuba to 50 meters and wildlife safaris
  • Trip interruption coverage now includes coverage for break-ins, fire and natural disaster.

The coverage for sudden onset of a pre-existing condition looks good for those worried about possible pre-existing issues. This would be something we would recommend to travelers looking for mainly medical coverage and who also have a primary medical plan.

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