Weatherproofing your trip is easy

 “Understanding how travel insurance responds to adverse weather and natural disasters, such as blizzards, can be a daunting task,” said QuoteWright President, John Cook. “Because policies differ on the type and amount of coverage that they offer, it can be confusing to the traveler when adverse weather impacts their plans.”

Cook cited horror stories that arise each year, depicting travelers stuck in airports when extreme weather conditions cause flights to be canceled. He said his firm receives a huge volume of calls from travelers, asking which plan is best when faced with the potential of bad weather.

“Winter snow storms cause flight delays and cancellations.  With the impending blizzard about to hit the Northeast, over 2,000 flights have already been cancelled or delayed.  Travelers are asking which coverage is best for them and to assist them QuoteWright has developed a simple-to-understand coverage chart showing how major travel insurance companies handle adverse weather conditions,” said Cook, adding “Not all plans handle weather conditions in the same way, so we’ve come up with an easy and effective way to find a plan that comes closest to providing coverage for a traveler’s needs.”

Travelers who are concerned about weather affecting their vacations may review our weather coverage chart  or our Guide page for hurricanes or our new 2019 Buyers Guide.

Cook said that “by comparing plans and finding that which best fits the traveler’s needs, travelers can protect their trip investment.” He said an additional value-added benefit is for the traveler to purchase their flight insurance early, before storms are forecast or named.

“This practice provides the traveler with the greatest value for their money by helping to ensure that the risk is unforeseeable,” said Cook. “This is a standard policy provision.”

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