Traveling with others?   Hidden hazards that you have to think about.

Here at QuoteWright, we talk to a lot of clients who are traveling with others .  Usually they are family members who might live in different parts of the country or to non-related companions.

You know what events you want to be covered for, but what about the rest of your traveling companions?  What events are they concerned with?  Would you travel without them if they had to cancel?  Would they travel without you if you had to cancel?

Many plans allow you to cancel or interrupt your trip due to a covered reason stated on the policy that affects either you or your traveling companion or family members of either.  A traveling companion is usually defined as someone whom you’ve made travel arrangements and intend to travel with.  Remember though, the same exclusions that apply to you may also apply (for example, pre-existing medical conditions), to your traveling companions as well and maybe to their family members..

If either of the traveling parties would still travel without the other, then just pick the plan that best suits you.  However, if travel is dependent on each other, than talk to your traveling companions and discuss your concerns.   From there, you can move forward in choosing a plan that is best for you.

We’ve also found it to be good practice for all travelers to get the same policy.  While you can get different plans that cover the same things, the circumstances that trigger those benefits might not be handled the same and you run into the complexity of dealing with multiple insurance companies.  We usually advice client’s to “keep it simple” and buy plans from one company.

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