TSA delays – does travel insurance cover you?

We’ve all seen the headlines:

  • TSA Hell:  passengers in Chicago miss flights due to lines
  • TSA Turmoil
  • Long TSA lines strands 450 fliers overnight

At QuoteWright.com, one of the most popular questions that travelers are currently asking is “What coverage do I have if I’m delayed by long TSA lines and my flight leaves without me?”

The bottom line is that travel insurance probably doesn’t cover a delay or missed flight due to long TSA lines.  Why?  Because coverage designed to insure your trip, such as trip cancellation/interruption, travel delays and missed connections, is named “peril coverage,” and long lines are not considered perilous.

“Named peril” is an insurance term that translates to the insurance company only covering those specific reasons listed in the policy for that coverage. Most plans will cover delays or missed connections due to “inclement weather,” causing common carrier delays, or, in some plans, “mechanical breakdown or strike.” However, none of the plans covers delays or missed connections due to TSA delays.

At QuoteWright.com we believe that an informed traveler is an empowered consumer. It is essential the traveler be told of not only what is covered by his/her policy, but essentially what is not covered as well.

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